January 25, 2023
Pimples, cyst and blackheads—oh my!
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People think acne isn’t a big deal, but it is. Treating acne is one of the most satisfying things I do as an experienced dermatology provider. There’s just something about a young lady with scarring acne...

People think acne isn’t a big deal, but it is.  Treating acne is one of the most satisfying things I do as an experienced dermatology provider.  There’s just something about a young lady with scarring acne, who has self-esteem in the dumps, because she is made fun of or is ignored, and helping that beautiful girl blossom into who she wants the world to see. Or the older woman who has wrinkles and jawline acne at the same time, really making her feel unattractive. Or the teenage boy with painful acne that affects his quality of life. It’s all so personal. And important.

Acne is a $4 BILLION dollar industry, and it makes sense why! So many people of almost all ages have it and don’t want to have it. We want that flawless skin we see everywhere in the media. Which equals products galore! There are so many over the counter products to choose from, as well as prescription medications. Interesting tidbit into the pharmaceutical industry…did you know there really have only been a handful of new, novel acne medications created in the past 50 years? They’re all the same types of medications your parents or older siblings used back in the day, just reformulated and repackaged. This is probably because they work pretty well. The prescription medications get reformulated to work better, or be better tolerated, and are repackaged with a new price tag. Also, a little tidbit about over the counter acne medications…they are pretty much all the same as far as ingredients are concerned! It’s the same handful of active medicines (salicylic acid, glycolic, retinol, benzoyl peroxide) that are allowed to be used over the counter. So don’t feel like you have to spend top dollar on Brand OTC products, because they are not any stronger than the store or cheaper brand. Be a savvy comparison shopper, and look at the back for the active ingredients.

Treating acne in the office is fun for me. Depending on the type and severity of the acne, and whether you are genetically male or female, there are quite a few options available to treat it. Acne treatment prices vary in range, from a round of isotretinoin (Accutane) costing anywhere between $1000-$2000 depending on what office and pharmacy you use. Topical medicated creams and pills range in price, from roughly $20-$600 depending on brand name vs. generic. It’s all nuanced and individualized to each patient and their financial situation. Not having a lot of money should not be a deterrent from seeking treatment. This is why at Twin Falls Dermatology & Aesthetics, I’m here for you and will find the most cost-effective way to get the job done.

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